The European Association of Speaker Bureaux (EASB) was founded in 2013 as a result of a conversation between a number of bureaux from across Europe, who were looking for a way of regulating the speaker industry and providing a voice for the growing marketplace. 

The Association is structured as below

  • Chairman:  Nick Gold (Speakers Corner)
  • Secretary General: Daniel Romero-Abreu (Thinking Heads)
  • Treasurer: James Birch (ATG Chartwell)

Committee Members

  • Nick Gold (Speakers Corner)
  • Daniel Romero-Abreu (Thinking Heads)
  • James Birch (ATG Chartwell)
  • Kate Lossius (The London Speaker Bureau)
  • Andrew Stoney (JLA)
  • Matthew Fisher (Performing Artistes)
  • Hermann Fuerstenau (Speakers Excellence)
  • Sylvia Tidy Harris (The Speakers Agency)
  • Enrique Vessuri (BCC Speakers)