The ethical guidelines set out below are critical to the success of the Association. The protocol is laid out to ensure that the marketplace has faith in the Association and in the manner in which it operates, and that the industry as a whole continues to move forward in a uniformly principled manner.

  •  At all times, EASB members strive to create a productive and reliable relationship between themselves, speakers and clients
  • EASB members provide speakers and clients with reasonable contracts and shall comply with their terms at all times
  • When co-brokering a speaker with another bureau, EASB members will at all times respect the relationship of that speaker with his/her bureau and shall not claim any exclusive relationship with that speaker to their client.  Likewise the speaker's exclusive bureau shall respect the relationship between co-brokering bureau and client. 
  • EASB members will be professional, prompt and reliable in their communications with speakers and client

The ethics of the Association are constantly evolving and improving as the marketplace changes and develops.  The aim of setting-out ethical guidelines is to provide direction and reassurance both to bureaux and clients.